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Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend! These distinctively shimmering jewelley pieces, generally considered the epitome of all stones and found both alluvially as well as deep inside the earth, have a universally accepted high-market value which has often resulted in major human problems in their sourcing and production than most other stones in the precious stones industry.

Diamonds are generally sourced and mined in three primary geographic areas - Africa, Asia (predominantly Russia) and the North American continent, mainly Canada. The rough diamonds, either deep-mined or surface-mined i.e. alluvially, require extensive use of human labour. As always, whenever sourcing and manufacturing processes are a factor, human labour is a key cost element and the Diamond Industry is tragically open to significant human abuse such as low and non-life sustaining wages and the immoral and illegal use of child labour.

It is well documented that there are companies that do not abide by universally acceptable human rights standards, taking advantage of the poor working class and consistently using children under age to mine the precious stones. The hours of work and poor working environment have long term chronic healthcare implications as the work is performed by non-unionised employees, children in unsafe conditions and, in some cases, “slaves”.

There are, however, a number of scrupulously ethical companies, such as DeBeers, who adhere to strict moral and legal standards and ensure good working conditions for all their employees.

This illustration of an above-reproach production and manufacture ethic illustrates what we at Emily H London subscribe to, and we believe we must support and donate to ethical diamond mining, by ensuring that our supplier base adhere to high standards of employment and reward.

Sourcing ethical diamonds is a “principle” focus of EHL and our goal is to make a contribution to reducing and hopefully, eradicating, poor working conditions found in all forms of mining. Our dreams and goals are to help improve men and women’s lives in achieving better and more equal opportunities and working conditions. Lives are too short and every person deserves a good quality of life regardless of where they live and work.

According to the World Diamond Council (WDC), 24 percent of the world’s diamonds come from alluvial sources. Ten percent of these diamonds are sourced through industrial means and 14 percent through small-scale, informal digging. This is why we genuinely believe it is important for us as a company to support the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI). This non-profit organisation is committed to formalising good working conditions and contributing to a self-sustaining lifestyle which includes providing education for children in mining communities.

As concerned entrepreneurs, mindful of our ethical responsibilities, we want to ensure that we contribute to initiatives that are dedicated to creating a better life for those involved in the industry in which we make our living.

For these reasons, we are proud to donate a percentage of our profits directly to DDI.

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